Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Business?

why digital marketing for small business

Are you seriously asking this after Covid?

A small restaurant owner gets featured by a food influencer in one video and he’s unable to handle the influx of customers ever since? That’s influencer marketing, a part of digital marketing.

There are million-dollar businesses that market just on Instagram & have been successful ever since.

There are businesses that are selling more products online in a month than they did in a year through traditional channels.

A 1000-page book won’t be enough to compile stories of the success of small businesses through digital marketing. It’s a whole new world for small businesses because the internet came into the picture.

But some of you still want to know more about why digital marketing is important for small businesses. Here are a few crucial points you must know!

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses?

Digital Marketing Never Stops

With automation and a thorough knowledge of your ideal customer, you have a tool in hand that will work 24/7. With the use of powerful techniques like Facebook’s lookalike audience, you can tap into the millions of users that are almost like your best customer.

With Google ads and SEO, you can be seen by people looking for businesses like yours. With social media, you can build a community out of your customer base, ensuring they never forget you. The best part is you or your employees don’t have to be there every time for this to happen.

From your business website to your social media, it’s available to your ideal customers all the time. That’s why digital marketing is important for small businesses.

Digital Marketing Is Inexpensive

All marketing agencies face this – you go to a business owner & pitch your services and they simply don’t want to spend SO much on digital marketing. But when you do the math, hiring a digital marketing agency & investing in digital marketing is the cheapest way to market your business.

The time and money you spend on bringing business any other way almost always are more than what you can accomplish with marketing your business online if done the right way.

Having a digital marketing agency work for you makes things even more economical, for you often receive the value of much higher worth than what you would shell out if you were hiring an in-house digital marketing team. Just do the math and you’ll know!

On the Internet, Everybody’s Equal

The biggest problem with small businesses is the budget. They simply can’t compete with big businesses for they don’t make enough money. Therefore, many means of marketing are inaccessible to them. Not with digital marketing.

Depending on the type of digital marketing services you choose & the time you’re willing to spend, you can spend little to nothing while beginning marketing your business online. Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean you should spend nothing on this. The more you invest, the more you gain but in case you truly cannot afford to invest much, digital marketing is still a viable means of generating leads and business.

While for businesses of a certain scale, it would be impossible to buy a billboard or TV ad, it’s possible for businesses of any size to start buying ads or building their presence online. CPC (cost per click) on Facebook can be less than $1 for many businesses. Social media accounts are free to set up. The barrier isn’t about the size of your business. The only thing that makes a true difference with digital marketing is how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Digital Marketing Can Be Omni-Channel

Maybe, your business is selling stuff on Amazon. But people still search for the brand before making a purchase on Amazon. That’s SEO deciding which business gets the customer. If people know of your brand through social media and influencers, they’re more likely to pick you than the competitors. Then, there’s also Amazon SEO. All these matters.

What about a brick and mortar business, you say? More and more people are relying on social media and influencers to find out which shop they want to visit. Service-based businesses that are focusing on social media are getting more customers than ever before just because of their presence on social media. Million-dollar houses are being sold through YouTube videos. Yes, that’s a true story as relayed by a real estate millionaire who runs a YouTube channel.

But that’s not it. Buying cycles aren’t direct any more. People are more informed than ever before. They research a lot before they shop or make a decision. At such times, being visible everywhere has become a necessity. That’s why digital marketing is important for small businesses.

You Can Measure Your ROI With Digital Marketing

A major part of digital marketing in the new decade is about studying the data & tracking the numbers. With traditional marketing, it’s really impossible to see which efforts are working & which aren’t. What if that billboard that you paid so much for isn’t driving you even one new customer? What if you paid double for that radio ad than what you earned through the customers it sent you?

Things are exceptionally vague with traditional advertising & marketing methods but digital marketing is highly data-driven. You can set up systems to track your ROI. Attribution has become much easier over time as more and more digital marketing professionals are understanding the importance of it.

Honestly, the options to track the ROI of digital marketing has always been there (of course, they’re getting even better) but most agencies never used those options. But with the popularity and need for data-driven digital marketing, measuring ROI and attribution and monitoring has become easier and more precise.

You Can Get Ahead Of Your Competitors With Digital Marketing

As a small business, you could be facing any one of these two – either your competitors are already using digital marketing and flourishing through it or nobody in your industry is using it so far.

If it’s the latter, you have the golden window of opportunity. You must hurry and begin now, so when your competitors wake up from their slumber, you’re already miles ahead.

If it’s the former, you still need to hurry, find a good digital marketing agency to partner with and start paying attention to digital marketing.

It’s not a fad. It works. If it hasn’t worked for you so far, it’s not the technology that’s broken. It’s your choice of people to who you entrusted the most crucial part of your business that’s broken. You can fix it. Drop everything and find the right digital marketing agency for you.

Remember, marketing is like oxygen to your business. Even if you feel completely fine and healthy right now, the moment the oxygen to your brain is cut off, you’re in deep trouble. It’s the same with your small business. You need to maintain a steady flow of oxygen to your business. You need to invest in the new marketing to keep it afloat, when things get tough or to scale it now that you’re having a good year. No matter what’s your excuse, the answer is to start digital marketing. Start today so you won’t regret not starting today a few weeks or months later!

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I’ve said it all. And I could say more on why digital marketing is a must for your business. But I think this is enough to convince you of the importance of digital marketing for small businesses.

In case, you think you’re an exception, tell me why in the comments below and I promise I will prove you wrong (it’s for the greater good for when I do & you learn what you could do with digital marketing, you have a lot more money & success to bring to your corner)!

~ Manpreet

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