6 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Your Small Business

maximize social media for small businesses

Social media for small business is important. That’s a fact. But most businesses fail at utilizing the power of social media for their benefit. Why is that so? Why are they consistently investing in it and yet coming out with losses? How to fix this? Let’s discuss that in this blog post.

Why do Most Small Businesses fail With Social Media?

Most small businesses have a presence on social media these days and yet, it doesn’t generate a single customer or lead for them in years. Why is that happening?

The problem is the lack of purpose, vision, and targeted use of social media.

How To Use Social Media For Small Business

Social media is supposed to be for fun and networking for most, but for you as a small business, social media is for business. But the rules are different here which makes it trickier. You can’t just step in and try to sell. You have to play by the platform’s rules and impress the judges i.e. your target customers.

Let me show you how to do that!

1. Complete Your Profile Setup

As a small business, choose two platforms you’ll focus heavily on.

Once that’s done, ensure you fully optimize the profile.

For example, if you’re using Instagram, ensure you switch to a business account and add a bio that clearly states what you do – your service or product. Add your address, and contact information and populate your profile with at least 10 photos from day 0.

Keep in mind, that you can add one and only one link on your Instagram account. Make it count.

Use platforms like Shor.by and Linktr.ee to add a link to maximize this opportunity.

Ensure you pick the most important links to place here – a link to your landing page, your contact information, and your lead magnet.

You must do the same for platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube. Wherever you choose to build your online footprint, make sure the profiles are fully optimized.

2. Build A Content Strategy

You need a strong content strategy to build your social media presence. Think of what content you can post.

For example, if you’re a dentist, write down the top 10 services of yours. Now, write 10 questions each that you get from your customers about these services. Voila! You now have 100 topics to make your content around.

At the same time, keep a note of what additional questions you get as you engage with your customers in the future.

Most small businesses just let their marketing agencies do whatever they want on social media. It has to be a strong collaboration between you and the marketing agency. They bring in their marketing expertise and you bring your industry expertise and that’s how you develop a strong content strategy.

3. Create Consistent Content

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Social media is content-driven. Well, the entire digital marketing field is but let’s focus on maximizing social media for small business for now. Alright?

Now, as a business, you may be most likely to move towards fancy photoshop designed graphics as your content. Don’t do that.

Take it from somebody who has managed more than 20 brands over 7+ years and amassed thousands of followers for themselves and their clients, a bad picture – a really bad picture would perform better than those photoshop-designed graphics.

Big brands can get away with those impersonal ‘artistic’ posts but small businesses need that personal touch. You need to create a bond with your customer, not build a wall of carefully designed graphics between you and your customer.

Why am I writing this? To clarify that when we talk of content, we mean personal genuine content that your target audience can connect with. Get a tripod for your mobile phone and learn how to film videos. Now, answer those 100 questions in form of 100 short videos. Or better, make 100 10-minute videos and hire a marketing agency to do the chopping for you to repurpose those into shorter videos, infographics, etc.

  1. Be smart with content creation.
  2. Make video content.
  3. Show up every day in front of your target customers.
  4. Do this every day and you will begin to see results on a scale you never even imagined.

4. Stop selling on social media

Another major mistake business owners do on social media is attempting to sell. Your posts, your videos, your stories – all of them are meant to tell a story and guide your customers. They’re not places to sell. How do you sell or convert in that case? Via DMs or through your landing page. And of course, through ads.

So tailor each piece of content to be genuinely entertaining or informative and use subtle CTAs to make people reach out to you on DMs or click the link in bio.

5. Invest in Paid Social Media Advertising

This is a great way to amplify your social media posts. Paid social media advertising can help you reach new customers, increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. It can also help you improve the effectiveness of your organic social media campaigns.

When done correctly, paid social media advertising can be an extremely effective marketing tool for small businesses. However, it can be challenging to do it correctly.

We recommend you hire a marketing agency in Toronto GTA like Maur Media to take care of social media advertising for you. Trust me! Facebook ads are very different than just going for that shortcut method that you may have already tried. The true power lies in knowledge and unless you have the deepest knowledge of the platform already, you’ll do better just outsourcing it to a trusted marketing agency than trying to do it yourself.

6. KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly!

This is a general rule that should be applied to social media posts, ads, and all other content. When it comes to social media, people don’t want to read long blocks of text. They want short, easy-to-read posts that are visually appealing.

So keep your posts simple and use images or videos whenever possible. And make sure your posts are formatted for social media, meaning they should be short and to the point.

Remember, the goal is to engage your audience and attract new customers, not to bore them with long blocks of text.

Most businesses obsess too much about ‘perfection’ however you know there’s no such thing as perfection in the business. But here’s the thing that’s least known about social media for small business –

Through several experiments & our own experience, we have found out that simpler posts perform better than highly polished posts.

It’s true. Some of our best-performing videos for our side hustles are the ones that are way below our usual production standards. It was shocking for us to see those outperforming our extremely amazing videos. This made us dig deeper and we found out it’s a fact most highly successful creators know and leverage already.

Keep it simple, silly!

There you go! We’ve just given you six ways to help you maximize social media for your small business. If you follow these tips, you should see a significant improvement in your social media marketing results.

If you’re still struggling with social media or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, we recommend hiring a marketing agency like Maur Media to take care of it for you. We are social media marketing experts and can help you grow your business on social media. Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing services!

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