Most Businesses Are Struggling Today Because

We set up your website for paid advertising, create the strategy, funnel and landing pages to enable you to get best response for the advertising dollars you spend while also creating automated systems to help you nurture leads throughout the buying cycle.

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Why Paid Advertising?

  • Get seen by your target customers instantly
  • Get faster results with the pay to play model
  • Get seen on channels like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tiktok & more through ads
  • Be visible to customers interested in businesses like yours
  • Stop your competitors from stealing customers that could’ve been yours
  • Find an alternate source to get customers & leads
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How We Work

We start with an 1-on-1 interview with you to understand your business, your challenges, & your requirements. We determine if your expectations align with what we can deliver for you. If we determine we’re not the right fit for your business, we’ll let you know right away.

Once we both agree we’re the right fit for one another & we’ve you fully onboard, we begin with the site audit. This really is a full audit of your online presence so far, the competition you face & the opportunities you’ve. We put all this together into one presentation & present it to you.

Based on our analysis, we build a custom SEO strategy for you that lays out everything we’ll do to achieve your business objective, keywords we’ll focus on, our SEO execution plan, and timelines. As this will be tailor-made for you, we’ll need your executive buy-in before we throw ourselves into full-scale action.

Once we’ve your buy-in, trust us, we will be doing everything in our power (& plan) to execute & deliver you the results you deserve. Yes, all the SEO strategies that will be beneficial for the long-term success & sustainability of your business will be put into action. We prefer doing complete work or no work at all!

Just like any true digital marketer out there, our life works around numbers. We monitor & measure everything we do & the results it produce. Then, we refine our execution plan further on the basis of the results. Of course, we send you a monthly report of everything we do so you’ve a full view of what’s happening with the paid ads for your business.

Paid Advertising Services

Online Advertising Platforms We Work On

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Proven Results

Proven Results | Maur Media Digital Marketing Services

CLIENT INDUSTRY – Interior Designing

  • 3100+ Leads Generated in 2 years through Facebook Ads
  • 1M People Reached & 3M Impressions
  • Over 3% CTR & 50k Impressions with Google Ads in 15 Days

CLIENT INDUSTRY – Online Education

  • 5000+ Leads Generated in 1 year
  • 9M Impressions in 1 Year
  • 3M People Reached in 1 Year

CLIENT INDUSTRY – Retail/E-commerce

  • 100 Sales Generated in 1 Day

How To Get Started

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Join for an interview with our lead team
  3. Get the online advertising services your business needs & deserves!

How To Get Started

By working with us, you’ll get…

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    How are you different from the Google ads agency I already have?

    First of all, are you sure Google ads are the best and only option for your business? Secondly, is the ad agency handling the landing page design & optimization, lead nurturing and automation, and remarketing for you? Most ad agencies just focus on sending traffic to websites and few focus on generating leads. Even through that, they leave a lot of opportunity on the table by not working on things like landing page optimization, lead nurturing, and remarketing because they simply don’t have that skillset. Stop wasting your dollars by hiring just an ‘ad agency.’ That’s outdated digital marketing. What works now is a holistic approach that combines all channels and makes the best use of your marketing dollars. 

    Google Ads or Facebook ads - what should I pick?

    It depends on your industry. Chances are we would recommend both to you if that’s the right fit for your business. It could also be possible we would ask you to drop both of these and try out some different methods. Each business is different. Target audience is different. Their behavior is different. Your budget is different. Depending on all these, the right advertising platform for you could be very different from your competitors (or it could be the same). We really have to dive deeper into the details of your business before we can tell.

    I tried online advertising in the past. It didn’t work. What makes you think it will work now?

    Did you try that with us? We thought so. Sorry to be this brutally honest but digital marketing without a full-service approach rarely works. Most agencies just hold you up until the day you decide to call it quits. That’s their business model. They don’t know how to get you results & that’s why this unfortunate incident happened to you. Traditionally, we would use this space to tell you and try to convince you about this but that’s not who we are. If you yourself have a firm belief in digital marketing for your business (it’s already working for millions of businesses, you see!) and you’re really keen at establishing a robust alternative to your traditional method of generating leads & finding customers, you should talk to us!

    What’s the right budget for online advertising?

    We recommend you to begin with CAD $1000 ad spend. However, the number also depends a lot on your marketing budget. If you’ve a higher budget, use that money. The more you spend, the more leads and conversions you get… that if the advertising is being done right for you. Please note this is excluding the money we charge as a marketing agency.

    How many leads can I expect in a month?

    How many leads do you need? Depending on your requirements & budget, the number of leads you’ll get would be different. In fact, depending on your business objective & digital marketing objective, the results may vary a lot. No marketer can ever promise on this number. At least not the real legit ones. Marketing is all about testing, gauging the results & then making it all better, one day at a time. That’s what we do at Maur Media Agency.

    Digital Marketing Action-Guide For Business Owners

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    Download our e-book for a step-by-step digital marketing guide for business owners on how you can get started with digital marketing. Whether you want to DIY it or want to know how it works so you can choose an agency better, this guide is for you!

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