I’ve Done Facebook Ads For 5 Years. Here’s What I Learned.


In this post, I’m going to share some key insights about running Facebook ads as a marketer. I have run Facebook ads for brands in the retail industry, interior design industry, education industry, financial industry, and B2B industry. Here’s what I learned.

But first,

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are ads that appear on Facebook. More precisely, they’re the ads you manage through Facebook’s ad manager. In reality, you can show ads on the Meta ecosystem including Facebook, Instagram, Instant Articles & Messenger.

10 Things Business Owners Need To Know About Facebook Ads

1. Social Media Ads Are Winning

At Maur Media, we happen to meet many business owners looking for digital marketing. We can roughly classify them into two categories – those who know about digital marketing & PPC ads and those who don’t know about it. The former most often lean towards Google Ads. They’re valuable for sure, but look at any trend report and you’ll see how social media advertising is winning right now.

It’s high time you get in and benefit from this aspect of online advertising. Social media advertising is a great way to grow your business because it builds brand awareness and generates leads. You can also retarget those who saw your ads but didn’t convert, to get them back to buy from you again.

2. The Targeting Scope Is Almost Limitless

targeted facebook ads

With Facebook ads, you can target so many parameters such as interests, device type, age, gender, education level, and so on. You can even target people based on their behavior or page engagement or whatever event you want to track. You can create a segment of your ideal customers and find them on Facebook through ads.

Custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting are some of the most powerful features of Facebook ads and your business must be using these.

3. Facebook Lead Ads Can Be Extremely Effective

Most marketing gurus shun the Facebook lead ads. But here’s the thing- we have generated over 10,000 leads using the lead ads & our client is happily converting these & making millions with these leads.

If you’re a service-based business especially the sort that can’t close without talking to the client, lead ads can be a great tool for you.

Facebook ads management

4. Facebook Ads Are Cheap

Facebook ads are cheap because you only pay when someone takes an action that’s profitable for you, such as clicking on your ad or installing your app. You won’t need to spend big bucks on advertising upfront, which is why it’s perfect for small businesses or startups that can’t allocate a huge budget to marketing.

The cost of Facebook ads as compared with Google ads is less than half. You get the volume and you pay much lesser when you’re advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or associated platforms.

5. Effective Facebook Advertising Will Lead To Organic Follower Growth

First of all, we hope you’ve not made the mistake to buy followers for your Facebook or Instagram page. We know how hard it can be to resist especially when your cousin always points out how few followers you have. Maybe, they even told you about the service that’s offering 10,000 followers for $5. That 5 dollars will kill your page for good.

Now, we all know how hard it can be to grow the organic followers for your Facebook or Instagram page but here’s what we’ve experienced: if you have strong content on your page and you’re gaining impressions & visibility through Facebook ads, people would visit your page and follow if they find your content good. It’s actually one of the fastest ways to grow your organic audience genuinely.

6. It’s Not As Simple As Clicking A Button

Facebook does make it seem easy to run Facebook ads. Don’t you just have to add the budget and some creatives & messages and it’s all set up?

Technically, yes. However, without a thorough knowledge of Facebook ads manager and ad types, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. Without knowledge of how to properly test ad copy and creatives, you will spend more than you need to on Facebook advertising. Then, there’s also creative fatigue that can eat up your advertising budget if you’re not careful.

So, yes, running basic Facebook ads can be done by even an 8-year old (they shouldn’t be allowed to do this but you get the point, right?) but running Facebook ads effectively requires knowledge, experience & intuition.

7. Creative Fatigue Is A Serious Problem

creative fatigue in facebook ads

Once you find a successful Facebook ad, you will run into this problem sooner or later. If you’re a small business running ads in a small area like a city, neighborhood, or even province, you’ll run into the issue of creative fatigue.

What is creative fatigue on Facebook ads?

It’s when your ad takes a plunge & results go down because the audience has seen your ad too many times. So, people are getting tired of seeing it. To counter this, you will need to change your campaigns, make new creatives, or add some tweaks to stop boring out your audience.

If you don’t regularly monitor your advertising campaigns and fix the issue of creative fatigue, your ads will become expensive and after a while, will completely stop delivering. So, avoid this at all costs and continue testing and improving your ads on a regular basis.

8. Most Facebook Ads Experts Are Just Testing

That’s true. That’s truly our job. Without testing campaigns and various elements within a campaign, we cannot do online advertising. It simply does not work that way.

So, what’s the purpose of testing? It’s to find the audiences that are most receptive to our ads and messages, to reduce cost per impression, and to effectively show ads to relevant audiences.

And when we test all this, we will get a much better idea of how well our ads are doing and what audiences we should focus on. By targeting certain demographics, we can have a higher chance of improving campaign results simply by changing the images or message.

So, yes, if you haven’t been testing your Facebook ads regularly to improve their overall performance & reduce wastage, then start testing right away.

9. Ultimately, Your Success Depends On Your Creatives

If we’re talking about Facebook advertising, then this should be pretty obvious already. You need to understand your audience (what they like & what message would resonate with them), create Facebook videos or image ads that will get your audience to take action, and make sure that they are correctly targeted to your ideal customers.

10. You Can’t Just Rely On One Strategy For Facebook Ads Success

I’ve had clients who come with the attitude of “my friend did Facebook ads for her new business & she hit it big! So can you, too!” I have a few things to say about this: a) there’s a chance that the client didn’t do Facebook ads right or is being very naive, b) what worked for your friend may not work for you, and c) there are various strategies & techniques to use when running Facebook ads.

I would suggest choosing the best strategy to test first before trying the rest. This way, you’ll know which one delivers the best results and can use that to increase Facebook ads traffic while saving money on the other strategies that aren’t working for you.

11. Facebook Ads Aren’t The Only Option

Lastly, while ads on Facebook and Instagram are known to most business owners, it’s astonishing how many simply refuse to look at other options. Just like Google Ads got expensive after a while, advertising on Facebook & Instagram is also getting expensive. At times, your target audience may not even be on Facebook. That’s why it’s crucial you consider other social media platforms for online advertising. Connect with us to know more about your options.

And yes, there you go! These are the 11 things business owners need to know about Facebook ads. Do you have any questions about this? Comment down below & we’ll be happy to assist.

P.S. If you’re looking for digital marketing companies in Brampton to manage Facebook ads for you, connect with us today!

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