How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2022?

digital marketing in 2022

Pandemic has already disrupted the digital marketing industry. Add to it the regulatory changes & fierce iOS updates focused on privacy, digital marketing will never be the same as before.

As business owners, we think it’s crucial for you to know how digital marketing will change in 2022. Hence, I have put together this post to inform you of the latest digital marketing trends.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence Will Become Diversified

Many business owners might be caught unaware of how deeply AI has embedded itself into the digital marketing industry. Marketing automation is the topmost technique businesses all across the world are leveraging for increased revenues and better results.

Already, AI is being used for reporting and suggesting keywords for optimizing search results. But going forward, AI will be increasingly used for predictions. Marketers will use AI to predict which products the customer is most likely to buy based on their previous purchase history.

AI Will Change Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is already a billion-dollar industry but those of us who have helped our clients find the right influencers know what a hard task it is to find the right influencer for the brand.

Finding genuine influencers alone is a humongous task. Add to it the fact that you also need to analyze if they’re the right fit for the brand, and this becomes a daunting task.

For those of us who are helping small businesses with digital marketing, it gets even tougher because we work with limited budgets. Using the current influencer identification tools is almost out of the picture for us.

But as marketers and business owners, we must rejoice because AI is stepping in to make this easy for us – influencer identification.

Virtual Assistants Will Be Used Everywhere

For the last few years, we have been discussing AI-powered virtual assistants helping marketers be better organized and perform better, especially with automated reporting and suggestions. But if you discuss how digital marketing will change in 2022, you cannot ignore the growth of virtual assistants and their use.

AI-based chatbots are deployed on almost every website these days that’s serious about lead generation and digital marketing.

Such bots are increasing interactions with customers, and decreasing a major workload from the business owners & their employees for they don’t have to be present 24/7 for live chat support and also not waste their time answering basic queries.

Marketers Will Seek Alternatives to 3rd Party Cookies 

The last few years have been hard for marketers for we have had to completely redefine the way we define our target audience. The marketing funnels have changed. The buying process has become more complex. A lot of it is because of the demand for greater privacy by users, resulting in many regulations and Apple updates.

As a result, marketers have to prioritize first-party data (finally!) and look for alternative means to reach their target customers better. Yes, the results have dipped a bit but those of us who have always preferred long-term digital marketing to short-term tactics to appease clients are actually happy about this, for we finally don’t have to waste hours in trying to prove why our right methodology is right.

Omni-channel Marketing & Content Marketing Becomes A Necessity 

Gone are the days when you could win just with PPC ads. If you don’t combine PPC ads with an extremely strong website with an even stronger organic presence and a great social media presence, and a bit of online PR, you just cannot be profitable. Of course, you have to add email marketing to this as well. Such is the reality of digital marketing in 2022. How are we so sure? Because the change has already arrived in 2021.

What’s the common theme with all the digital marketing techniques we have just mentioned – content. It’s more important than ever to produce great content and win customers with content marketing.

As a small business owner, you have to stop putting off creating content. If you can’t do it yourself, you need to hire a digital marketing agency.

But the minimum you need to do starting today is to create at least one piece of content every day for your business. If you don’t do this now, you’re going to regret this a lot. So, better start today!

Voice Search Is The Technology You Need To Adapt To

There was a time when digital marketing was a thing business owners felt perplexed at and they had a hard time adapting to it. Well, the time has fast-forwarded itself to this new technology that both business owners and digital marketers need to adapt to – voice search.

With devices like Amazon Echo, Google Dot, and more, people are preferring to search via voice instead of typing a query. This is a golden opportunity, actually.

If your business becomes an early adapter of this, you’ll dominate in the future. Are you ready to do this?

Honestly, speaking as a marketer, this isn’t anything new. We have been seeing all these trends slowly penetrating the market for a while now. The Pandemic has given a great acceleration to their adaption & overall need in the present market.

Single-Service Marketing Agencies Are Dying

Alright, it’s true. There are still businesses, maybe even you, who are hiring just an SEO agency. You know SEO will work so you don’t want to explore anything else. WRONG.

SEO cannot work without great social media. And there’s no point in SEO and social media if you’re not focusing on lead generation and conversion optimization. If you’re planning to do that, you need to have a good email marketing campaign, and great content for blogs, and lead magnets. But this is all long-term and you know you could get a good boost with paid ads too. And at the same time, you know you have to prepare for the latest digital marketing technologies ready to dominate the industry. Do you see what’s happening? If you choose the good ol’ SEO, you simply cannot ignore other things like social media, email, paid ads, conversion optimization, chatbots, etc.

But here’s the thing – let’s say you will do only PPC. Well, your PPC ads won’t work if you don’t have a good landing page. And you know ad costs go down if you have an authority website. What do you do that brings in that authority? SEO. But you also know buying cycles are complex and the person won’t buy with just his first click. They’re going to look more at you. Again, SEO is needed. But 80% of people look on social media & peer recommendations/social proof before buying. So, you need social media too now. And to nurture these people, you’ll also need email. However, what’s your backup plan for if one day, Google ads stop working for you? You’ll need some other PPC ads – Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads?

Tell me any plan of yours that attempts to work on just one aspect of digital marketing & I’ll tell you how you’ll obviously need everything else to be good with this. That’s the truth of digital marketing in 2021 and 2022 and beyond.

So, you really can’t hire a single service marketing agency. We also understand hiring a full-service digital marketing agency for a small business can be hard but for that, you can simply look for one that does fit your budget & can create a customized plan for you to dominate over your competitors and in the market. You can also connect with us – Maur Media Agency. We’re a full-service marketing agency offering our services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, & Toronto GTA & we would love to chat with you over how we can help you out. Email us at to discuss this further!

We hope this article helps you understand and really, wake up to these things that are happening right now so you prepare & conquer these while you can. All the best!

~ Manpreet

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